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Mission Statement

At Geneva Capital we are not afraid from taking on the impossible - in fact, we love it when it is said to be "hard or undoable", this is where we have excelled and will inevitably leave our mark for future generations to follow.


We envisioned that our firm might someday change the world, we just never thought we will be doing it so soon. Through numerous collaborations with public institutions and private clients we have orchestrated groundbreaking strategies in numerous industries. Acknowledging the need for distinctive organizational dynamics, Geneva Capital’s consultants have guided industry leaders toward recognizing and responding to their respective changing worlds, helping them capitalize on emerging opportunities and seizing the competitive advantage they so desperately desired.


Join us, be part of something pure, utterly inspiring, a company that you will be proud to tell your grandchildren about. There will always be a better way for those who seek it, let us be your guide and help you find your hidden treasure.


One Partner. One Mission. One Future.

All things are possible


Helping technology to find its market, scale and consumer


Transforming science into feasible and viable products



Developing modern tools for traditional business 


Merging capital with unique knowledge, internationally

A Global Perspective

Geneva Capital has a wide range of operations globally, yet, we always work with a trusted local partner by our side – advising clients on how to best navigate through those turbulent foreign seas. At Geneva Capital, ideas create value. The experience curve and your growth opportunities share a matrix, with our invaluable insights into the competitive landscape and market environment in each particular market segment, we set the stage for a bright future in any endeavour that our clients might engage.​ Therefore, we at Geneva Capital scout the globe for those “once in a life time” business deals and pursue only the most exclusive investment opportunities of them all.

"We insist on making sure we are well aligned with foreign governments and seek support and accreditation from local governing bodies wherever we operate. Our firm remains a strong partner of choice for numerous high-profile cross-border transactions."


GCM Launchpad 


noun, often attributive  / ˈstärt-ˌəp /

Finding a viable business model, before running out of money. . .

Over 72% of start-ups fail, because of early mistakes and failure to highlight the need for their products to the market. Working closely with biotechnology and medical start-ups, we have been able to identify the challenges and develop unique tools to avoid the negative trend.

Designed for start-ups,

made for business


Our Partners


Corporate Leadership 

Nikolay Zhukovsky PhD, EMBA 

CEO & Founder


GCM International








Russian Federation


Alternative Investments, Biotechnology, Healthcare, HR, International M&A, Venture Capital Partners


Biotechnology, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, NeuroScience, 
Venture Capital Partners 

Legal and Tax   
Corporate Governance,
Dispute Resolution, Infrastructure,
Structured Products


International M&A,
Market Access,


Geneva Capital Management is an Equal Opportunity Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity / expression, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected under federal, state or local law, where applicable.

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